The Lairds of Lainnir Torr  



First in "The Legend of Mariah of Everon" Trilogy...

The Lairds of Lainnir Torr is a Mystical, Historical Fiction set in the 1700's within the intertwined Scottish Lands - Mariah Thornton is a young lass in desperate trouble... Damian Campbell the 'Dark Lord of Dragon's Lair', and Ethan MacClain, the dark and devastatingly handsome Laird of the Castle...

Enjoy your Travels


As you wander through the Mystical Lands of Everon, the Village of Foddy Feayn and the Isle of Skye, this road map will guide your travels...


Author Sandra Lyerla

Sandra Faye Lyerla started writing "The Legend of Mariah of Everon" Trilogy for her children and grandchildren to remember her by. It was originally intended as a short bedtime story...

"... As fish are caught in a cruel net, or birds are taken in a snare, so men are trapped by evil times that fall unexpectedly upon them."  Ecc. 9:12 - NIV

The Lairds of Lainnir Torr


The times are dark and tumultuous. The English king perceives the Scottish highlanders a dangerous threat to his agenda. How can he possibly rule a world empire if he cannot rule the whole of his own island? The independent, unruly highland clans must be brought into submission. The conflict culminates in the Battle of Culloden where the highlanders are once and for all, crushed. Now, their culture is to be annihilated, forever. Never again will the clans unite to rise up in rebellion against their English King. Find out what happens next, and how Mariah negotiates these troubled waters in "The Lairds of Lainnir Torr" the first episode of "The Legend of Mariah of Everon" Trilogy...

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